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Long Hair FUI - Hair Transplant | Surgery without a hair cut


Long Hair FUE State of the art innovation for a no-scar hair transplant The no-scar hair transplant without shaving or cutting your hair short The density of hair can be seen immediately.

Special! for the wound to heal quickly Reduce swelling and bruising after surgery We have a service to sleep in a tunnel that adjusts the atmospheric pressure (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), a technology that allows the body to fully receive oxygen. Aids in wound healing after surgery reduce swelling Make the wound heal faster!!

What is the FUI hair transplant technique?

What is the FUI hair transplant technique?

The FUI hair transplant technique combines the strengths ofFUE and DHI techniques by utilizing a specialized tool knownas the 'DHI Implanter' (Direct Hair Implanter). This methodfacilitates faster hair growth.

When extracting and transplanting hair grafts onto thepatient's head, there is a significantly higher chance ofsuccessful hair growth. Time is a crucial factor in thisprocess. If performed too slowly, it can result in graft deathand hinder hair growth.

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What is Long Hair FUE Transplant?

Long Hair FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is an innovative hair restoration technique that combines the benefits of traditional FUE with the convenience of not having to shave the back of the head. It also incorporates elements of DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) using the specialized "DHI Implanter" tool. This micro-punch device enhances the efficiency of loading hair grafts, leading to a faster and more seamless transplantation process.

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Why choose Long Hair FUE?

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Long Hair FUE: A Technique for Natural-Looking Hair Restoration

Long Hair FUE is a hair transplant technique that allows for the creation of a new hairline according to your desired appearance. The transplanted hair is longer, making the transplanted hairline visible immediately after the procedure. This technique also minimizes the visibility of both the donor area (where the grafts are extracted from the back of the scalp) and the recipient area. (where the grafts are implanted in the front) However, it takes longer than the traditional FUE technique, which requires the donor area to be shaved.

Benefits of Long Hair FUE:

No shaving required: Maintains your current hairstyle throughout the procedure.

Higher graft survival rate: Minimized out-of-body time for hair follicles.

Faster procedure: Efficient loading and implantation process.

No overharvesting or thinning or dented hair after the procedure.

Natural-looking results: Precise control over graft placement.

1 day to recovery: The hairline is clearly defined, and the direction and angle of the hair growth are evident.

How does Long Hair FUE work?

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Individual hair follicles are carefully extractedfrom the donor area without shaving, preserving the existing hairstyle.

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The extracted grafts are meticulously loaded intothe DHI Implanter, maintaining their optimal condition.

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The DHI Implanter is used to directly implant thegrafts into the recipient area, providing precise control over angle,direction, and depth for a natural-looking result.

Comparison of FUE and Long Hair FUE Grafts

• Long Hair FUE Grafts
With Long Hair FUE, you'll maintain your existing hair length. After the extraction, the grafts are implanted in the desired area, offering an immediate visual improvement. The benefits of preserving your hairstyle and seeing immediate results can be highly appealing.

• Short Hair FUE Grafts
In standard FUE, hair follicles are extracted as short stumps after trimming the donor area. These grafts are meticulously sorted before implantation, and new hair growth becomes visible in about 6-12 months. While the procedure may be slightly faster, the need for shaving and the delayed visibility of results are factors to consider.

Increase Your Hair with Our Combined Technique!
Experience the innovative ALMI Nano Fat hair transplant, exclusively at The Skin Clinic.

“Research shows that 70% of fat Growth factor adhere to the subcutaneous layer of the scalp, strengthening hair roots and revitalizing the scalp after hair transplantation. Recent studies also reveal that injecting fat to stimulate hair roots can reduce shock loss or hair shedding after the procedure."

If you're considering a hair transplant, enhancing the procedure with ALMI Nano Fat can offer significant benefits and elevate your results to the next level. Here's why:

Boost Hair Growth and Thickness: ALMI Nano Fat increase hair thickness.

Revitalize the Scalp: Stimulatefor hair growth and preventing further hair loss.

Reduce Shock Loss: ALMI Nano Fat can help mitigate this issue by supporting the transplantedhair follicles and promoting faster recovery.

Enhance Graft Survival: improve the survival of transplanted hairfollicles, leading to a more successful and natural-looking outcome.

Thicker and Healthier Hair: you can achieve thicker, denser, andhealthier hair growth for a fuller appearance.

Safe and Natural: ALMI Nano Fat utilizes your own body fat. It's asafe and natural way to enhance your hair transplant results.

Long-lasting Results: The improved scalp health and revitalized hair follicles contribute to long-lasting results.

Who is a good candidate for Long Hair FUE?

Long Hair FUE is suitable for individuals experiencing various types of hair loss, including male and female pattern baldness, who wish to avoid shaving their head. A consultation with a qualified hair restoration specialist will determine if Long Hair FUE is the right option for you.

Which hair transplant technique is right for you? FUT, FUE, FUI, Long Hair FUE+DHI

Who is this method suitable for?

Suitable for individuals with thinning hair, receding hairline, or those who want a hair transplant but prefer not to cut their hair short.

Key advantages of this technique:

After the transplant, it takes several months for the hair to fully grow, typically around 4-10 months. However, with this technique, you will see immediate results.

  • Ideal for those with limited recovery time, as it requires minimal downtime and wounds heal quickly.

  • Hair follicles can be extracted without the need to cut the hair short.

  • The density of the hair can be perceived immediately after the transplant.

  • The direction of hair growth can be customized as desired.

Results after hair transplant technique Long Hair FUI

Patient 65 years old, treat the head in the frontal area.

Patient from Canada for our hair transpant.

Patient from Germany with our Long Hair FUI technique.

How to do the most nartual hair transplant with Long Hair FUI?

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