Long Hair FUI


Long Hair FUE  State of the art innovation for a no-scar hair transplant The no-scar hair transplant without shaving or cutting your hair short The density of hair can be seen immediately

Special! for the wound to heal quickly Reduce swelling and bruising after surgery We have a service to sleep in a tunnel that adjusts the atmospheric pressure (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), a technology that allows the body to fully receive oxygen. Aids in wound healing after surgery reduce swelling Make the wound heal faster!!

What is the FUI hair transplant technique?

The FUI hair transplant technique combines the strengths ofFUE and DHI techniques by utilizing a specialized tool knownas the 'DHI Implanter' (Direct Hair Implanter). This methodfacilitates faster hair growth.

When extracting and transplanting hair grafts onto thepatient's head, there is a significantly higher chance ofsuccessful hair growth. Time is a crucial factor in thisprocess. If performed too slowly, it can result in graft deathand hinder hair growth.

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Hair transplant surgery without a hair cut

Long Hair FUI hair transplant is a hair follicle transplant surgery using the FUI technique. It has no linear scars and does not require a haircut due to the extraction tool's extremely small head. The tool can extract and pulls out hair shafts and follicles from a long hair. This method is also referred to as the "Celebrity hair transplant". This technique can create a new hairline as desired and the newly implanted hair will be longer, allowing the new hairline to be visible immediately after the surgery. This results in wounds both from the graft extraction at the back and from the graft placing in the front area being non-visible. However, this is more time-consuming than the FUE technique, which requires a haircut. This method is likely to meet the demand of those who are battling with thin hair and balding problems, but do not have time to recover.

The Long Hair FUI hair transplant procedure

1) "Anaesthesic injection without a needle" is a special technique used by The Skin Clinic, due to the fact that some clients are extremely afraid of anaesthesic injections. Instead of using a needle, the doctor will apply an applicator to the desired area and leave it until the anaesthesic kicks in, in preparation for the hair graft extraction.

2) Extract long hair grafts from behind  using a special extraction tool for Long Hair hair transplant. Implanting using long hair shafts allows  the doctor to arrange the direction and curve in the most natural looking way, which is more effective than the normal hair transplant method that requires short hair.

3) When the process of selecting healthy hair grafts, classifying types as well as different directions of hair shafts is complete, the doctor will place the selected grafts in the recipient area, aligning with a patient's natural hairline as much as possible.

Update the trend of hair transplant 2022!! What is the best hair transplant technique? FUT, FUE, FUI, Long Hair FUE+DHI

Who is this method suitable for?

Suitable for those who are battling with thin hair problems, those who want to implant hair in the hairline area, or those who want a hair transplant, but do not want to cut their hair.

Features of this technique

  • Meets the neesd of those who have little recovery time due to the technique's quick recovery.  The wound dries itself off quickly.

  • You can do graft extraction without having to cut your hair short.

  • You can feel the density of the hair immediately after the transplant.

  • The direction of hairline can be designed as needed.

    You can go home right after the transplant.

The results after Long Hair FUI: hair transplant surgery without cutting the hair

Long Hair FUE: hair transplant without shaving or cutting your hair

The patient flew in from India for a Long Hair FUI hair transplantation

A 53-year-old patient flew in from London for a Long Hair FUI hair transplantation.

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