ALMI Nano Fat Transfer


Stop hair loss and thin hair with the ALMI Nano Fat Transfer technique. Stimulate your hair roots with your own fat. No need to implant and transplant your hair roots. Starting at 30,000 Baht.

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Stimulate your hair root with your own fat (Nano Fat)

Stop hair loss and thin hair with the ALMI Nano Fat Transfer technique

ALMI Nano Fat Transfer utilises a person's own fat by taking fat from the thigh or hip area and extracting it in the form of a small molecule. Only heathy and high quality of fat cells will make it through. The 4 steps extraction process ensures the smallest molecule, which is then injected into the areas containing hair loss or thin hair. The injection of healthy fat cell helps stimulate and repair hair root cells, leading to more active hair shaft production and fuller and natural-looking hair. This technique is safe, painless and doesn't leave any wounds. Also, there's no need to worry about an allergic reaction, as it is, after all, your own fat. Finally, it increases the effeciency of strength in new-growth hair, making it perfect and long-lasting.

The ALMI Nano Fat Transfer technique process

1.) The doctor will evaluate a patient's head in order to analyse the most suitable hair transplant technique for them.

2.) Fat is extracted from the thigh, hip or belly areas.

3.) The gained fat is extracted in 4 steps into fat cells with the ALMI Nano Fat Transfer technique; from fat molecule 2.4 >>1.4 >> 1.2 using a small filter in order to develop the fat layer with the smallest molecules.

4.) The difference between fat cells that have gone through ALMI Nano Fat Transfer technique and those that have not been extracted lies in the mild colour of the fat.

5.) Inject the extracted fat back into the desired area to stimulate hair root cells and repair and promote hair production, which results in fuller and more natural-looking hair.

Who is suitable for Nano fat stem cell?

  • Those who have weak hair roots

  • Those who have oily scalp and fine hair

  • Those who are battling with thin hair problems, but not to the point of severe balding


  • No need to close the wound or any recovery. You can continue with your daily life as per normal.

  • The whole process is short and only takes aroud 1-2 hours

Want to do hair transplant? Don't know which technique to choose? Visit Doctor Natthorn Nareupawet

Review of rebuilding hair the ALMI Nano Fat Transfer technique.

Hair loss treatment - thinning hair From disease, autoimmune, self-immune (SLE) with cells from own fat (ALMI Nano Fat)

Hair transplant with your fat cells

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