RIGENERA  Micrograft  Hair. Create new hair with hair root cell: a solution for thin or fine hair problems without hair root  transplantation. This solution for people with thin hair has received significant interest in 2019. It takes out tissue from the back of the head and runs it through a special extraction process, which selects only perfectly healthy hair root cells. The process relies on a cell therapy approach using a Rigenera machine imported from Italy. After that, the cell is injected back into the desired area. The extracted hair root cell serves as protection against the influence of testosterone and repairs hair root cells that have withered from DHT hormone, resulting in less hair loss. Then, we will use the extracted cells to stimulate a break-off in hair root cells, leading to a proliferation of new hair. The result is increased hair density, suitable for those who have thin hair.


The RIGENERA  Micrograft Hair method procedure

Who is this method suitable for?

  • Anyone who has 'thin hair,' but not to the point of recedingly bald. This is because this group may still have some pores which can be stimulated by hair root cells, resulting in new hair growing through those pores.

  • Those who are quite bald and have been in such a condition for a long time may have closed pores.

  • Therefore, they may have to use the method of extracting and placing hair follicles instead. The FUE method is inadequate for those who have hair grafts.


RIGENERA  Micrograft Hair : create new hair with hair root cells

1.) The doctor will analyse the hair and select the healthiest cells in the occiput of the area behind the ears.

RIGENERA  Micrograft Hair

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How long does the RIGENERA  Micrograft Hair last?
This hair implant technique lasts the entire lifecycle of hair shafts. Normally, our hair shafts' lifecycles can be divided into 3 periods - Anagen: the lengthening and growth period > Catagen: the stop-growing period  > Telogen: the resting period, which eventually falls off. Therefore, this means that the RIGENERA  Micrograft Hair process will allow the hair shaft's age to last for its entire lifespan.

Hair Transplant Bangkok,Hair Transplant Thailand,Hair Transplant Cost
Hair Transplant Bangkok,Hair Transplant Thailand,Hair Transplant Cost
Hair Transplant Bangkok,Hair Transplant Thailand,Hair Transplant Cost

2) After the perfect healthy hair root cells are selected, they will be blended by a machine imported from Europe

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4.) The doctor will inject the extracted cells into the selected area of the head. The injection of hair root cells will stimulate the other hair root cells as well as repair weak cells to produce a bigger amount of hair shafts, resulting in fuller hair. The result can be noticed within a period of 45-90 days.


  • No need for any wound closing or recovery. You can continue with your daily life as per normal.

  • The whole process doesn't take much time only 1-2 hours!

Regenera Micrograft Hair: create new hair from your hair root cells.

The results after hair transplantation with RIGENERA  Microgragt Hair technique

3.) Extract the cells with the RIGENERA technique

RIGENERA  Micrograft Hair.  Create your new hair with your hair root cells:

a solution for those who are battling with thin or fine hair. No need for hair root transplantation. Starting at 50,000 Baht only.


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Hair Transplant Bangkok,Hair Transplant Thailand,Hair Transplant Cost

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